May 21, 2019 - Vienna, Austria

PPC eQuoter has now been upgraded!

Learn the new features of a practical and efficient application PPC eQuoter


Dear PPC Business Partner,

one year ago PPC announced the launch of PPC eQuoter App, which was developed and designed as a solution for PPC customers enabling to generate the quotation comprehensively and instantly.

We are excited to announce that our PPC eQuoter has now been upgraded!

Our brand-new features include:

  1. T&D Materials technical info, product picture, and dimensions
  2. A quote can be requested by you or our customers on the go via the mobile App or Desktop version. If our customers request that quote, you – our business partner will receive the eQuoter request.
  3. You can check on hands inventory for our T&D products*
  4. You can check our ex-works delivery date instantly utilizing our SO# or customer PO#**

*Access restricted to our business partners only. Request your access today!

**Ex-Works date means the product is ready to ship at the doc of one of our PPC warehouses – not including transit/transportation time.

We at PPC care about the needs of our business partners, we endeavor to provide you services and products of the highest quality. We aim to provide you the information you need when you need it.

Download today the PPC eQuoter at Apple or Android store and enjoy the new experience of interacting with PPC.


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