February 6, 2019 - Vienna, Austria

PPC Insulators Price Increase Announcement

Steadily growing prices of raw materials, fittings, energy, and gas led to the decision of revision and adjustment of PPC insulators prices. 

PPC endeavors to keep the reputation of being a manufacturer that provides the highest possible value within the electrical insulators industry.

One of the core benefits of PPC products is their extraordinary strength, which is driven by the high content of alumina in the C130 body mass used in PPC production. Despite the continuous increase of raw materials price, especially alumina, PPC Group decided to keep its current verified formulas that have endured the test of time.

However, with sharply raised costs related to raw materials, energy and gas, it is necessary to reflect the growth of all outlined variable costs into a price increase of PPC products.

PPC Insulators Group is announcing this information as the signal, that depending on product type and project, prices will be increased by 7 to 9%. Price amendments will be applied for new quotations, effective immediately. Running frame contracts are not influenced by this price increase. 

PPC Insulators Group remains committed to delivering highest value, product availability and quality to all its customers.

Detailed information will be provided by local PPC Sales Representatives.