November 2, 2020

Significant and Continuous Investments in PPC EKS Are Bringing Valuable Results

Enhancing of the Facilities and Working Conditions in the EKS Factory. Further Signs of Progress are Still Expected.

Within the years 2017 – 2019 over 9 Mio EUR was invested into production machinery and reconstruction of the manufacturing plant EKS PPC – Elektrokeramik Sonneberg, GmbH. The latest investments in the last months are continuously increasing the site’s capabilities, productivity, and effectiveness of manufacturing processes and contributing to the better quality and working conditions of employees as well.

The new CNC 14 turning machine, installed in 3/2020 will strongly support the flexibility and effectiveness of the porcelain insulators production. This highly automatic equipment allows erecting, lifting, and turning the single piece insulators with much higher dimensions than before (max. height = 4100mm max. diameter 720mm). Inside and outside machining CNC control simultaneously is possible. Expenditure approx. 950K EUR enables rising precision and speed of production.

In February 2020 new cutting & grinding machine was installed. The core benefit of this modern technical equipment is its significant aid for the growth of the reliability of products but above all the increase in productivity by 35%.

Essential help for the reduction of scrap level is provided by the new internal pressure testing machine, which secures more precise and frequent inter-operational testing than before. This device is used for internal pressure testing of insulators and their parts with no fittings. Max length of tested insulators is 3000mm and max diameter 1200mm with a force up to 300t counter pressure. The necessary investment was approx. 60K EUR. 

Very relevant qualitative and quantitative process improvement is gained by using new laser technology empowering the faster and more exact fitting assembly with cement to the standing, glued insulators. The lead-time of the finished products can be reduced by far by using this new modern technology.

In the manufacturing hall between the turning and drying sector the new hall floor was laid (the new concrete area was coated with epoxy resin). This step has a positive influence on the product quality increase and reject-rate decrease – no damages of products happen by movement on the smooth floor. In the next period, the new floor will be implemented also in further plant locations.  Apart from that, also the new storage area was equipped here. The renewed pre-drying Tent’s allow the drying of products at optimal speed and intensity. No internal cracks arise while this fluent shrinking process. The total investment in this zone presents approx. 115K EUR. 

Last, but not least positive change in EKS is also the introduction of a new break room in contemporary design with a modern kitchen, enlighten by new sun protection windows. The space of the break room offers the comfort created by the exhaust fan, new furniture, and an automatic coffee machine. The reconstruction works of this room lasted 3 months.

About Elektrokeramik Sonneberg, GmbH

Established in 1887, PPC EKS is one of the 3 PPC plants and one with the most extensive expertise in producing advanced industrial porcelain solutions. Servicing the market with a diversified product portfolio, hollow porcelain insulators up to 1,100 kV to represent one of the main strategical focus for HVDC power transmission systems over 1,100 kV.