December 15, 2017

Marking 130th anniversary of PPC Insulators

Celebrating 130 Years. Celebrating the legacy of innovation.


The year 2017 has brought us many exciting projects and new collaborations, it has brought us results we are proud of, some changes as well as many challenges. It has also brought us an anniversary that made us look back at the astonishing history and recollect some of the most significant moments and achievements of our work. Over a span of a century our company has seen intense growth and transformation, but there is one thing that remains unchanged throughout these years. Innovation!

Since the beginning – those early days of electrical and electronic engineering, which were full of excitement over the promise of progress – a vision has guided our work, an idea that remains at the core of our efforts to this day, the idea of advancing the society by electrifying the world. And amidst of these early aspirations, our business was born. In the year 1887 production plant Elektrokeramik Sonneberg (EKS) in Sonneberg, Germany was established. The same year Ifö Ceramics, was founded in Bromölla, Sweden, later joined by other companies, formed pillars on which PPC Insulators‘ family was built. It grew on developing, expanding and consolidating our business capacities, accumulating and extending knowledge, gathering experiences, making us what we are today.

Today PPC Insulators stands as a global leader shaping the market and serving the customers through our strategically positioned plants, commercial and business offices, delivering electrical engineering top-notch solutions. Perhaps the best testament of our work is the isostatic technology, developed in late 60‘ in our Swedish plant, that changed the porcelain insulator industry forever by shortening the production time for almost more than a half. Other innovations, such as the first insulator for HVDC applications already in the year 1954, the first 1000kV hollow
insulators already in the year 2007 and not to forget the hybrid insulators launch in the year 2012 are all testament to PPC’s ability to invent and lead the market.

As we continue our journey we look forward to continuing to develop state of the art products in partnership with our customers around the world. Thanks for the first 130 years!

Erik Göthlin
General Manager PPC Group