May 3, 2019 - Vienna, Austria

PPC Advanced Station Post Solution Leading the Digital Transformation

Following the industry’s transformation and increased demand, PPC Fiber Optic Hole Post Insulator solution with over 20 years of track records in production

PPC Insulators today released information on production record in the last year for PPC Fiber Optic Hole Post Insulator. Well-known to PPC customers for over two decades, PPC Fiber Optic Hole Post Insulator is reaching significant growth in demand becoming a new technical necessity for the future industry evolution.

This in-house solution was first designed and produced by PPC Insulators in late-90‘has as a solution serving the digital transformation of power systems and a smart grid for cost-efficient, optimized and agile operations safely monitoring and preventing any imminent failure threats. By enabling implementation of the supervisory system, PPC Fiber Optic Hole Post Insulator facilitates monitoring resistance performance and potential risk exposure, making energy supply failure-proof and more reliable.

PPC Fiber Optic Hole Post Insulator is a porcelain insulator solution designed for a full range of MV and HV applications. The insulator is having a small diameter chamber hole running on the neutral axis straight throughout the whole length of the insulator as well as the bottom and top fitting. PPC Fiber Optic Hole Post Insulator is most used to integrate an optical data transmission system, completely EMI/RFI immune, in digital substation solutions. This precisely measured insulator chamber hole design is technically feasible only by isostatic technology. The result is porcelain C-130 post insulator without any longitudinal stresses or strains with mechanical strength, which is in no way affected.

„The expertise ingrained in PPC Fiber Optic Hole Post Insulator as in all other PPC products is not only proven by decades and countless successful applications, but also the isostatic technology that has thoroughly changed the insulation industry and opened doors to new technological innovations such as PPC Fiber Optic Hole Post Insulator, “said Markku Ruokanen, Quality and R&D Director at PPC Insulators.

While the industry is undergoing rapid and significant changes in digital technology, there is an increasing demand for intelligent solutions allowing more safety, more reliability and better control of power systems. The shift from analog to digital technologies is led by demand for higher safety, more reliability and better control of power systems. And digital technology, there are numerous benefits, “said Wolfgang Welsch, Sales & Marketing Director at PPC Insulators.

PPC Fiber Optic Hole Post Insulator equipped with sensors, connected by networks, and monitored and controlled by computer-based systems is a solution PPC Insulators has envisioned 20 years ago and we continue to develop in collaboration with our customers to be the leading insulation solution providers driving the market of digital substations and smart grid ‘s integrated prognostics systems.

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