PPC produces a comprehensive range of products for overhead transmission lines up to the highest AC and DC system voltages with the most progressive technology, engineering and in-service life.


Length per piece:max. 1.860 mm
max. 80 in
Core diameter:max. 125 mm
max. 4.92 in
Shed diameter:max. 265 mm
max. 10.43 in
Tensile strength:up to 530 kN
Creepage distance:up to 55 mm/kV
up to 2.16 in/kV

The porcelain long rods failure proof mechanical design eliminates most common possible mechanical failure modes of conventional cap & pin (disc) insulators as well as of composite insulators.

Porcelain long rods are also available with RTV silicone coating to further improve their performance under polluted environmental conditions.

Insulating material: High quality aluminum oxide porcelain, C-130 (IEC 60672)

Coupling: Conforming to IEC, DIN and ÖNORM standards

Cementing: Lead antimony alloy as a standard, portland cement or sulfur possible


Profiles: Porcelain long rod insulators are produced with different shed profiles to optimize performance as per IEC standards that include:

  • alternating sheds
  • desert profile sheds
  • plain sheds
  • under rib sheds

See the video demonstrating the application of the PPC Porcelain Long rod insulators

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