August 13, 2018 - Vienna, Austria

PPC Website now available in German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Slovak!

Extending accessibility beyond English speaking countries and readers with new multilingual website content


PPC Insulators is very proud to introduce PPC Insulators website in three five languages. Over the last weeks, employing internal resources our engineers and experts have made an effort to make our website more accessible to a wider readership circle.

As PPC Insulators is serving the global market with its high-quality insulation products, it is very important to provide our customers around the world with the most comprehensive, efficient and easily accessible service with information in native language. With five new language localizations, PPC Insulators is reaching out to our customers to be the insulation solution provider always available at their hand.

Choosing and switching between available languages is simple and possible using the drop-down menu, located in the upper right corner of the website. When selecting the language of choice, the content of the page is displayed in a localized language instantly.

There are two important exceptions to content localization. All links to external sites together with PPC Newsroom, a page with articles containing all the latest news, updates and resources from PPC Insulators, will remain in English only.

Following German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Slovak translations, additional two localizations will be rolled out in upcoming weeks. Our French and Chinese customers can expect PPC website in their native language very soon.

About PPC Insulators Group
With over 130 years of experience, PPC Insulators is a leading manufacturer of porcelain, hybrid and composite insulators for the overhead lines, substations and precipitator applications. We invest our efforts to offer quick, easy and effective solutions to our customers. Our extensive knowledge, expertise and production technology enables us to produce the best insulator designs to cater up to 1200kV AC and 1100kV DC system voltages that positions us at the forefront of techno-industrial achievements. Learn more at

Press Contact
Natasa Skuk, M.A.
Marketing Communications Manager