March 23, 2020

Launch of new local manufacturing plants´ websites is proving the digital communication progress of PPC Insulators

Plus, the further enhancements of the global website are making it more interactive and optimized also for local goals

PPC Insulators goes on to continuously improving its digital platforms for connecting with the customers and partners and for reaching of locally driven intentions.

In February 2020 two new local websites dedicated to the manufacturing plants of PPC EKS (Elektrokeramik Sonneberg, Germany) and PPC CAB (Slovakia) were launched.

The new domains of the websites are:

These pages are used mainly as the platform for reinforcing the position and local image of these subsidiaries.

PR communication and above all HR purposes are the factors that drive the form and optimize the content of the new local websites. The new pages dedicated to the manufacturing plants are linked to the global website since this continues to stay the main source of information about the product portfolio and the key center for downloading of technical and marketing materials.

Unlike the global website, local manufacturing websites pay attention to the local language and the general English mutation. The new PPC Santana´s web of the Brazilian manufacturing site will come in the next weeks.

The signs of progress and improvements were incorporated also on the global web of PPC Insulators. The World contact section and the Download are were improved to be more interactive and enabling easy and quick search for the specific contact or document.

Very important is the launch of the French mutation of the global web, which makes the content understandable for the large French-speaking territories. At this moment the corporate website is available in English, German, Portuguese, Slovak, French, Spanish, and Russian mutation.

PPC Insulators is proving its reputation of the modern and customer-oriented company also by its digital communication activities.