May 2, 2022

The IEEE PES T&D exhibition successfully brought together more than 10.000 registered participants, power companies, and experts from around the world. with insights into the latest trends and innovations in the field.

The time of the global pandemic of Covid 19 interrupted for two years the flow of trade shows, and exhibitions, which are one of the most important occasions for the worldwide networking and sharing experience within the industries.

The IEEE 2020 was canceled shortly before the event. Therefore, PPC Insulators was even more grateful, that IEEE 2022 in New Orleans happened and allow us to meet with the respected customers, and business partners and gather new important contacts.  We at PPC Insulators would like to thank all who attended IEEE 2022 and took the time to visit our booth at Convention Centre, expressed interest in our products or expertise, and shared knowledge.

The key messages of our participation at the trade show were, that porcelain insulators are not only reliable and time-proven but also in line with the sustainability principles and circular economy rules. It is an essential matter of fact, which should be taken into account by entities involved in the development, maintenance, and building of new power industry projects.

Digital technologies have a strong influence also on our industry and gradually transformed it towards more complex solutions, which can withstand the environmental requirements and directly affect the performance, safety, and reliability of power systems. One of the most attractive products exhibited was therefore the cable optic hollow insulator and hybrid post insulator. Both present solutions reflect the changing and more demanding market requests.

The design of the booth with the infographics illustrating the flow of the electricity from the power plant through all power systems and lines to the railways, plants, and housing estates, highlighted that we are the leading supplier of all kinds of porcelain insulators across a comprehensive range of product groups included in our portfolio.

PPC Insulators group hosted in the booth the company Balestro which is our partner for the USA market for fuse cut-outs and other products by which PPC will expand its product portfolio in North America.

We hope that you enjoyed the exhibition and that you received the answers you were looking for.

We are looking forward to participating in the next edition of the event.