February 25, 2020

PPC hybrid insulators passed the critical adhesions test in boiling salt water

PPC Insulators is proudly announcing that the Hybrid Insulators, Model C16-2550, with a 37300 mm creepage distance of the total height of 10,8m (as an entire column) successfully passed the test of China Electric Power Research Institute (CEPRI) consisting of following particular test items:

  • Connection test of interface and end fittings
  • Test of shed and sheath material
  • Electrical test – lightning impulse withstand voltage test (dry)
  • Electrical test – switching impulse withstand voltage test (wet)
  • Electrical test – 60 min DC voltage withstand test (wet)
  • Electrical test – Corona and radio interference voltage test
  • Mechanical load test – Specified cantilever load test
  • Mechanical load test – Specified tensile load test
  • Mechanical load test – Cantilever failing load test
  • Galvanized layer test
  • Bonding strength test of sheath

By all tests successful result “QUALIFIED” was confirmed.

CEPRI is a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary research institute affiliated to the State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC). CEPRI is devoted to R & D, technical service and consulting, testing and inspection, and technical standards, and it intends to become a leading R&D, consulting, testing and certification agency with recognition from home and abroad, as well as the main formulator of standards of power grid technology.

Markku Ruokanen, PPC Division Quality and Research & Development Director commented this achievement: “The particularity and added value of the Design Verification Test is mainly the adhesions test in boiling salt water. Our hybrid insulator passed also this demanding step with the excellent result, which is an additional important argument for our brand, that is recognized by quality-conscious customers who look for reliable solutions in demanding conditions.”

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