June 25, 2018 - Vienna, Austria

Building Competitiveness and Leadership Role by Extending Production Capabilities

PPC Insulators Establishing Isostatic Centre of Excellence in Slovakia


PPC Insulators today announced that all major construction work and preparation for final assembly of new equipment and machines, running in PPC plant in Slovakia since the end of 2017, have been successfully completed. The result of the work stretching over one year is a new European Isostatic Centre of Excellence for large Porcelain Station Post and Hybrid Insulators.

Supporting the PPC’s development plan, central-European plant PPC Čab has undergone extensive investment of 6 Mio € in machines and equipment, with manufacturing area extension and production flow optimization. The main features of new production floor area are additional isostatic press, new turning machines and new high-capacity kiln. With this new equipments, PPC Čab will not only increase its production scale but increase capability to manufacture the largest single piece posts on the market reaching 2900 mm in height.

Together with newly adopted hybrid insulators production, PPC Čab will become one of the key cost-competitive locations with highly specialized technical expertise and one of the largest and most-advanced isostatic plants in the world. Topped by expanding the workforce, the new infrastructure will enable almost 50% production increase, doubling current capacity up to 7,000 tons per year.

“We are adjusting our capacities with the possibilities presented by the market. With a more robust portfolio and expanded production capacity we want to make sure PPC’s leading position within the HV market is secured also in years to come”, said Alexander Janac, Managing Director of PPC ČAB. “We want to make sure PPC Čab will be the catalyst for leveraging our production expertise with high-added-value. And we are already thinking of the future, having in mind further redevelopment which would extend PPC Čab’s production up 10,000 tons.”

PPC Čab, located in Slovakia will reach full output in the autumn of 2018. By establishing new and extended production facilities in PPC Čab, PPC as a group will be able to fully address expected further growth in demand, particularly from developing and growing markets. With the new investment being completed, PPC Insulators remains committed to continuing making significant investments in the development of efficiency-enhancing solutions of the highest quality.

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Natasa Skuk, M.A.
Marketing Communications Manager