April 20, 2023

This is always a pleasure to come up with a new bunch of announcements about what a nice, and proactive project in favor of our planet, nature, people, and the overall society was realized by our Santana’s team. This news is not the freshest (September 2022) but in fact, it is very actual. These days we are commemorating Earth Day, and the project from the last autumn – Brazilian Arbor Day – is related exactly to this occasion.

(In 2021, the article about the original celebration of Arbor Day was published)

The following information we received directly from the representative of Santana, our reliable and stable contributor Edna Alves, Executive Assistant of the Operations Director. Let’s learn what kind of a good idea our colleagues turned into reality.

 “Our colleague and coordinator of the Environmental Management and Quality Department, André Ariolli, replanted the seeds of the Ipê trees that bloom in his house every year, formed more than 60 seedlings, and donated them to Santana.

 More than a dozen of these seedlings were planted by the children and by some of our best employees: Adolfo Acorsi, Devair Miranda, Elias Moraes, Luiz Favaretto, and Marcos de Oliveira, at the Humberto Piva School, which is opposite the company. Fabiano Moraes, Santana´s Environmental technician, took the opportunity to talk about Nature Preservation with the little.

 Other trees due to the constant rains, had to wait for good weather, but finally, they were planted in some institutions that accepted to receive the seedlings and in the gardens of the HV plant.”

The following part adds to the event’s even deeper and more touching emotion. It can happen that some of the children who planted the trees will remind about this day after 20 years when they might work in Santana:

“The tree represents life, food, beauty, the comfort of the shade, and the roots of beautiful stories, and its day was beautifully celebrated by the children and our colleagues. We were welcomed by the principal, teachers, staff, and the children, in a festive atmosphere. After all, this school was founded almost 68 years ago, and the descendants of PPC Santana founders have studied in there. Our stories almost get mixed up, since Santana is going to complete 82 years, in 2023.”



Our colleagues from Santana are very smart, exactly following the advice of the Chines proverb:

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now.”

Let´s follow them!

Photos received from the school illustrate the best action and the enthusiasm of the participants.