May 7, 2018 - Vienna, Austria

PPC Insulators Completes Audit for Terna Italy

Superior quality production standards and commitment to advanced insulating solutions for long-term collaboration with Italian utility and owner of the national grid up to 420 kV


PPC Insulators today announced it has successfully passed the audit for Slovak plant PPC Cab from Terna, the Italian utility for HV transmission of electricity, owner of the national grid from 132 kV up to 420 kV. With the successful audit, PPC Insulators will continue the collaboration with Terna Italy, completing the certification and preparation for supply in the second half of the year.

The collaboration started back in 1998, and ever since PPC Insulators has worked on numerous HVDC projects run by Terna; projects such as interconnection between Italy-Greece, Italy-Corse-Sardinia and recently, Italy-Montenegro (MON.ITA), always delivering the highest quality level of products and services.

“The quality of technical HV porcelain is a result of every single step and its control, from a selection of suppliers and their materials to traceability, standardization and planning of every single micro-moment in the production cycle. It is the production plant, its processes and critically, strict compliance to standards that eliminate any possible deviations leading to failures and defects and define the quality of the product,” said Marek Vrabec, Quality Manager & Head of The Laboratory at PPC Cab.

During the three-day-long visit, the team in PPC Čab plant presented quality and environmental management system and replaced Austrian plant PPC PFI from Frauental as qualified plant and supplier of homologated porcelain post insulators to Terna.

 “As one of Terna’s long-term partners, PPC Insulators has demonstrated the ability to provide reliable, top quality solutions. Based on the knowledge, approach and strict quality standards and now successful factory and product acceptance tests, PPC Insulators continues to be a crucial partner for future insulation challenges. With are looking forward to further build a best practice solutions in the world of energy and insist on long-term reliability and quality,” said Stefano Di Paco, Sales Manager.

Re-homologated, PPC Insulators are continuing to be [one of central] providers of porcelain insulators, delivering the highest level of quality and reliability for secure and stable electricity supply. PPC Insulators focuses on advanced design, exemplary quality and setting the industry-leading standards.

“We are very proud to have yet again been trusted with a frame contract, passing the factory and product acceptance tests and gain certification that will enable further collaboration with Terna,” said Alexander Janac, Managing Director of PPC Cab.

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