June 22, 2020

The main objective of this study is to explain the forces from seismic activity with relationship to porcelain insulators and how insulators can be optimized.

Resonant frequencies can cause immense dynamic forces. Porcelains’ weight and brittle nature make it susceptible to destructive harmonic frequencies. With good design practice, advanced materials, and modern manufacturing methods, porcelain insulators can be a dependable form of insulation.
Material characteristics play a major role in equipment design under such dynamic forces. While steel and aluminum are ductile and have predictable strength, porcelain is nonductile and the material strength can vary greatly. Insulator performance can be enhanced by maximizing strength and reducing weight.

Learn more in the following paper, which was presented at the INMR conference, by Patrick Maloney, Chief Engineer, PPC Insulators, United States

Maloney Paper 2015 INMR WORLD CONGRESS