December 2, 2020

This study shows a comparative evaluation of performance between line post porcelain insulators and polymeric polyethylene pin type insulators applied in covered conductors/Spacer Cables networks.

The development of this paper rendered it possible analyzing some potential problems related to polymeric materials used on compact distribution network Spacer – Cable type in Brazil.

Within this context, the case of the dielectric compatibility of the system formed by the ‘insulator – covered conductor surfaces’ was studied in function of the geometry of the dielectrics and their supports and of dielectric constants of the material, taking into account the influence of distance to the ground plane and analyzing its effects through computational simulation, UV camera, and dielectric compatibility tests.

Read the materials prepared by Eduardo Hilsdorf from PPC Santana for the INMR World congress and get comprehensive information about the backgrounds, used methodology, evaluation, and results of the realized tests.

Hilsdorf Paper 2015 INMR WORLD CONGRESS