September 3, 2021

The main purpose of the following study elaborated by PPC Insulators was to investigate the development trends of high voltage porcelain post insulators over the last decades.

Insulators are one of the key components in our power system, but the general perspective does not pay particular attention to this fundamental element. Despite high requirements, regarding availability and reliability, economical aspects have to be considered as well and therefore great interest in optimization is given to that subject. For an insulator, to be reliable over years, some requirements need to be fulfilled: mechanical, electrical, and chemical. In this work, the focus is on electrical aspects of HV post insulators, and their performance, based on a comparison of field simulations and test reports about insulators of traditional and advanced designs.


T. Berg (main author), T. Morocutti, M. Muhr – Institute of High Voltage Engineering and System management

G. Gödel, PPC Insulators

Developments of High Voltage Porcelain Post-Insulators