February 7, 2020

PPC porcelain is passing the seismic test with the intensity of 8-degree earthquakes and amplitude 0,33 G

PPC Insulators is happy to announce that the PPC Hybrid Insulators C16; BIL 2550kV and height of 10.8 m as an entire column passed the seismic test performed by the Earthquake Engineering Research Center of China Institute of Water and Hydropower Research (IWHR).

IWH has completed many research and consultancy tasks for hundreds of key projects. The scope of these tasks covers a wide extent, water resources management, water environment protection, flood control, river regulation, structural optimization, earthquake-resistant analysis, complex foundations treatment, hydro-electric equipment testing and checking, power plant automation, safety monitoring, etc. These works are related to almost all the huge multipurpose projects in China.

The specified PPC hybrid insulators were passed separately the sine beat test with amplitude 0,15 G, 0,225 G, and 0,25 G. The natural frequency of the ample has not changed obviously before and after the test.

According to the test result, it is considered that the rigidity of the sample has not changed obviously before and after the test. The sine beat test with amplitude 0,25 G is equivalent to the 8-degree earthquake, so the hybrid insulator is suitable for seismic areas with 8-degree (0,33 G) fortification intensity and below.

We’re incredibly proud to have passed the tests,“ said Shenning Yao, Application Engineer Manager for China, „Our main aim at PPC Insulators is delivering high performing and reliable products, withholding even under extreme conditions. The result of this test is proving our level of experience and the fact, that we can deliver the best solutions, leading the seismic market.“


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