June 12, 2019 - Vienna, Austria

Let´s be a light!

The mission is proceeding not only thanks to the activities of electrifying the world.

PPC Insulators is a company electrifying and thus participating in illuminating the world. Thanks to products produced by PPC Insulators people all around the world can enlighten their households and enjoy the miracle of the light. But not all of them.

Therefore, last year PPC Insulators decided to donate its Christmas budget to a special purpose. Instead of the production of printed Christmas greetings, the money was used in favor of the Union of blind and weak-sighted in Slovakia, so that they can also brighten their lives spent in darkness.

The Union organizes plenty of projects, and we would like to present to you one of them.

The society called The Light is a group of visually impaired artists who are working under the leadership of Martin Dzurek. Martin is the artist creating mostly statues of small and also monumental sizes and he was awarded several architectural prizes.

Martin Dzurek presented his initial intention, which had triggered his activity among week-sighted people: „With the idea of helping to impaired people, I was playing a long time. I felt that my strength is in the art and this was what I wanted to share with them and pass on. I thought a lot about a chance to continue in creativity, which visually impaired get. This was a point which led me to the decision to enrich the lives of people with the residues of sight by the joy of creativity. “

The group started to work with clay, this material is manageable for everyone. But they are capable to form pieces of art also with usage of colors, as Martin learned later.

When choosing themes, I try to choose those that are comprehensible and, in some way, manageable even for the totally blind, as well as for the human with residues of eyesight. I try to help them as little as possible and not to interfere with their work,” concluded Dzurek.

Nowadays, the exhibitions of The Light group are held not only in Slovakia but also in abroad. Their art pieces overwhelmed art lovers in the Czech Republic, Poland and one of their members represented Slovakia in the event „abilympics“ in Tokio.

PPC Insulators wishes a lot of enthusiasm, inspiration to the group The Light and also a lot of energy and success to the Union of blind and weak-sighted in Slovakia.

We endeavor to support good things, which can make our world to become a better and lovelier place for living.

Photo: Ľuboš Dubovský

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