April 25, 2024

On 22 April, PPC ČAB continued the three-year tradition of a joint brigade on the occasion of the Earth Day celebrations. In a nice number,  we managed to experience several pleasant and meaningful hours with visible results.

 On Earth Day, we should become more aware of how fragile our planet is, and how significant changes due to human behavior have affected it and made its inhabitants (and not only humans but also plants and animals) vulnerable. At PPC CAB, we strive to follow the important topic of caring for the environment and do something more to meet the stated values and mission of the entire corporation to which we belong.

Representatives from all departments took up working tools, and gloves and dispersed around the plant area to the places calling to action. We dedicated ourselves to cleaning the green areas where garbage and bio-waste had been collected. We gave the trees planted on the campus in the last years grooming and necessary nourishment. We have also given special attention to the indoor plants. A call for staff to bring indoor flowers from home did not go unanswered. The dining room has added a few new plants that will hopefully enjoy their new home.

The main motivation behind our team effort on Earth Day is the knowledge that through our paid attention and energy to the environment, we are also making our campus more aesthetically pleasing, clean, green, and vibrant.

A big thank you to all of our participating colleagues for their willingness, effort, and time! We greatly appreciate your help and initiative.