September 24, 2021

21st of September is Arbor Day in the Southern hemisphere and our manufacturing plant in Brazil commemorated it indeed extraordinary

PPC Santana is typical by its “green initiatives” and various actions proving that care about the environment is really an important topic for the PPC Insulators group.

This year the employees of PPC Santana planted 11 new trees in the area around the company within the event of Earth Day 2021. The other important eco-holiday is Arbor Day, which is in the South hemisphere on the calendar on the 21st of September. Our colleagues in Santana celebrated this day in a very original way. The employees received the small package of seeds of an iconic tree “Ipê Amarelo” with the challenge of their planting.

More in details directly from Edna Alves, the Executive Assistant of the Operations Director:

“We are still very careful with prevention against COVID and keep the same strict protection measures to maintain a safe distance between employees and avoid any kind of crowding. Therefore, to commemorate this very important date, we have chosen to remind all colleagues of the value of trees for men, animals, and biodiversity within small groups.

 The Department of Environment and Quality Management – EQMD – represented by Andre Ariolli (Safety engineer and coordinator of the department) and Fabiano Moraes (Environmental Technician) was responsible for giving a speech during the DDS – Daily Safety Dialogue – and distributing Handroanthus Albus – Ipê Amarelo – seeds, tree symbol of the southeast region of Brazil, where we are located. Our colleagues manifested joy and appreciation on the event.”

We believe that many seeds distributed among the colleagues in PPC Santana will be planted into the soil and soon they will please their gardeners with the refreshing shadow, lovely colors, and the memory of their origin.

The Managing Director Luis Solimeo presents by his statement the best evidence of the meaningfulness of this action: “Great initiative! I really like this tree and I will certainly plant the seeds in the street in front of my house.”

The following pictures are documenting the joy and enthusiasm among the Santana team:



The following photos of Claudia Terenzio – RH are documenting, how she took over the seeds of  Ipê Amarelo and planted them along her cycling tour over the weekend.