March 22, 2023

Regularly we are bringing the news about the entire bunch of activities realized by Santana, the manufacturing plant of PPC Insulators in Brazil, which are visibly and continuously contributing to the help of various communities and the protection of nature.

One of the long-running projects is notably successful, relatively minor in terms of organizational scope, but significant in a multi-beneficial sense.  Let´s learn more from the letter prepared by Edna Alves, Executive Assistant to the Operations Director of PPC Santana.

“Our colleagues Cristiane de Godoi Ferrarini and Elias Soares da Silva, two of PPC Santana’s best employees, represented each one of us on the morning of November 3rd, 2022. 

This day they passed to the hands of teacher Adriana Corsi, the equivalent of 20 gallons (20 liters each) with plastic caps collected in Santana, which completed the more than 6 tons collected by her campaign in 2022. With this result, the total gathered amount was paid for the veterinary care of 33 abandoned animals, plus for 119 bags of 15 kg of feed for these animals.

The campaign caught the attention of municipal departments, newspapers, and TV, as well as TV Record, one of Brazil´s 5 largest commercial TV stations. They visited our town to film the teacher in action and publicize this exemplary practice.

 On top of it, we also delivered another 6 PET bottles (totaling approximately 12,600 aluminum seals) which will join the town’s campaign, to be exchanged for wheelchairs in favor of charitable entities, asylum, or people who need and do not have the resources to buy them.

 Everyone benefits from these small actions that make a big difference:

  • soil and water contamination are avoided,
  • it contributes to the generation of green jobs,
  • the extraction of primary material and the environmental impacts produced in the manufacturing process are avoided,
  • eases the hunger and pain of abandoned pets and,
  • directly helps people who depend temporarily or permanently on a wheelchair.

In the end, the honest wish directly from Edna Alves and from the whole PPC Insulators Group:

We are grateful and proud of the PPC Santana team.

Many blessings, health, prosperity, and many joys to all.

We deserve it! 😊

Thanks, Santana, for your bright and inspirative example!

PPC Santana beneficial project

PPC Santana beneficial project