June 4, 2021

PPC Update on Cyber Attack


Dear customers and partners,


As you know from our prior communication in March, our company has been victim of the Conti ransomware group. This group has recently affected hundreds of companies across the world, encrypting their data and blocking their operations.

Thanks to the IT security measures already in place, PPC Insulators managed to prevent any interruption to our operations, by taking immediate action to shut down the intrusion and restore the encrypted files.

Over the past weeks, we have been working jointly with a 1st rank cybersecurity firm to conduct a forensic analysis on the event and to implement additional measures in cooperation with our IT department to make our systems more resilient to intrusion. We are also working with law enforcement agencies to support their efforts to bring the attackers to justice.

Among the measures taken, we have:

Reinforced our security measures with new solutions to further segregate access to our applications, detect and block potential intrusion and enhance the categorization of sensitive data.

Subscribed to a Cyber threat intelligence service allowing us to monitor the relevant intelligence sources for potential evidence of leaks and criminal and underground chatter.

Given specific instructions, reminders and training to our employees to protect themselves and the company from cyber-attacks.

In addition, we have taken all necessary actions to notify the relevant data protection and judicial authorities in accordance with applicable laws.

Investigations are still on-going, but we will keep you posted as soon as we reasonably can without jeopardizing the legal and technical ongoing procedures.

Meanwhile, should you have any concern or question, please contact us at compliance@seves.com.