April 8, 2020

The proactive solution triggered by the Corona crisis will deliver greater value than just overcoming the present difficulties.

The Coronavirus spreading around the world presents a demanding exam for all of us, personally and professionally. For PPC Insulators, the health and safety of business partners as well as of our own employees is paramount. The traditional contacts with customers through personal visits at our factories are reduced to virtually zero due to health concerns but also due to travel restrictions imposed between countries and regions. At the same time, our customers’ projects are often critical for the electrical infrastructure. Considering this criticality, the products must professionally be tested and approved before delivery. PPC Insulators responds to this situation by offering to the customers of the manufacturing plants PPC ČAB and PPC EKS the option of a remote Factory Acceptance Test (FAT).

The remote FAT will be realized by a video made during the test so that all crucial components are recorded thus providing material covering important details and valid pieces of evidence about the test run and result.  The accuracy of the results and the integrity of the process are guaranteed by the IT and technical experts.

PPC, as a global technology leader, takes the challenging Corona time as an opportunity to use the internet and digital technologies for the purposes they were always meant to be used: efficiently connecting one with another, sharing information and coming up with solutions to urgent problems or complicated situations. The modern camera system enabling recording and streaming of the measurements and tests will provide value comparable to that of personal presence in the factory during the standard FAT.

The remote FAT will be provided also in the future since it brings to all participating parties high benefits also from the environmental and economic aspects.

If you are interested, please contact your PPC Sales manager to learn details and agree on the next steps.