October 29, 2021 - Vienna, Austria

PPC North America offers local RTV coating services in the US and Canada!

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What’s new?

PPC Insulators has been offering RTV Silicone coated insulators from its factories since 1993. PPC North America is excited to announce it can now perform substation coating services as well as local insulator coating from stock in the US and Canada.

Only a company that develops produces and delivers products worldwide can provide the optimal solution for your requirements. Our in-depth knowledge of porcelain insulators puts us in the perfect position to partner with utilities and increase the longevity of their insulators in polluted environments.

PPC North America utilizes state of the art Si-Coat® 570™ RTV Silicone for insulator coating. Si-Coat® 570™ is a proven RTV Silicone material that has been used all over the globe with more than 700,000 insulators coated since 1990!

Flashovers and Prevention

Substation Coating Services

Insulator flashovers in substations are caused by contamination buildup on insulators, as shown above, and are preventable by applying a layer highly hydrophobic Si-Coat® 570™coating onto the insulator surface.

PPC offers the substation coating services customers need. Please contact PPC North America at CustomerService.USA@PPCInsulators.com for more information.

Locally Coated Insulators

With the quickest delivery time for pre-coated insulators in North America, PPC North America has the perfect solution for customers with substation construction projects. Short lead times are made possible thanks to PPC North America’s inventory availability across the US and Canada. PPC can even send a crew to your warehouse or job site to coat insulators prior to installation.

For more information on RTV Coating Services please visit https://www.ppcinsulators.com/products/rtv-coating-service/