February 8, 2021

At the end of 2020 PPC received an open letter “The Greener Choice” from the top 7 European Transmission System Operators:

Elia Group (Belgium) 

REN (Portugal)

RTE (France)

Tenne T (Netherlands, Germany)

Grupo RED Eléctrica (Spain)

National Grid (Greait Britain)

Terna (Italy)

This is the response of PPC Insulators to the invitation of TSOs to the common journey for the more sustainable and resilient world:

Dear TSO’s


As a supplier to you and many other TSO’s around the globe it is with great pleasure we received your letter referenced above. Our spontaneous comment after studying its content is “GREAT!”. PPC has since long encouraged the large players (TSO and OEMs) in the T&D industry to include sustainability and overall lifetime cost (economical and environmental) when selecting products/suppliers rather than solely focusing on low cost initial price.

Referencing again your letter and the section where you welcome suppliers to promote new ideas. We will contact your local representatives for a meeting (or VC) to explain what PPC Insulators is already doing in this regard and what more we can achieve by working closely together. To succeed, investment in both time and money is required. PPC is already doing both. We expect this investment to pay-off and look forward to learning how you will evaluate products/suppliers not only based on lowest offered price but also from a sustainability perspective.

To give you a flavor of our ambitions. By ways of compensating, in partnership with ClimateCare ltd, PPC Insulators was already Carbon Neutral (Kioto Scope 1 and 2) in 2019. Going forward we are examining how to achieve full Carbon Neutrality (without compensation) by 2030. The path to neutrality is the sum of many steps of which the major ones include advanced degree of heat-recuperation and use of green fuels in all manufacturing processes.

With regards to another key aspect of the circular economy, re-use, we already today have virtually no waste in the production and all delivered products are 100% recyclable. For your reference we attached a white paper “Porcelain Insulators are naturally green

Thanks for taking this initiative and we look forward to constructive dialogue with your various teams. As PPC Insulators we are for sure ready to join you in making a Greener Choice!


Erik Göthlin

CEO PPC Insulator group