December 13, 2021

PPC Insulators North America proudly announces a great step forward – the launch of the PPC Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion policy

The whole concept of diversity encompasses respect and acceptance. It is about understanding that everyone is unique, and that uniqueness shouldn’t be rejected but embraced and celebrated.

Cleber Angelo, Managing Director of PPC Insulators North America is commenting on the important step:

“At PPC NAM we want to celebrate every individual as they are. Whatever our differences may be, we should remember that we are all human and we can find ways to coexist in a nurturing environment.”

PPC NAM Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion Policy statement is:

As a global technology leader, PPC NAM strives to be an inclusive workplace that celebrates the diversity of our employees and the communities that we serve in the USA and Canada.  PPC NAM takes a stand against all prejudice, injustice, and hate. PPC NAM will continue to review all processes within to make sure that all employees and our communities feel empowered. 

Let’s celebrate each individual of our PPC NAM team, as they are!