May 3, 2023

The area of our manufacturing plant is full of green spaces that invite us to take care of them to prove that we are not indifferent to the fate of our planet. That’s why we are commemorating Earth Day for the third year by trying to improve and beautify the surrounding environment.

While in previous years we planted new plants and trees, this year we focused on taking care of the already existing greenery, cleaning neglected corners, and declaring war on all “forgotten litter”. We met in a large group and in a good mood on April 26. in the afternoon in front of the expedition building, we divided the work tools and working areas and got to work.

During the brigade, we managed to collect garbage around all busy roads and parking lots, but we also went to more remote corners known only to long-time employees. We swept the entire area around the gatehouse, removed dead and dried parts of trees and thoroughly cleaned up the area around the administrative building. The trees, which have been growing for the third year in the area near the main parking lot, received a thorough spring treatment, and we did not forget to take care of the indoor plants either.

In nice weather, and an atmosphere full of team spirit and a willingness to contribute to the support of our environment, in the end, we rewarded ourselves with a small refreshment. We evaluated that similar events could be held more often – our sister plant in Brazil, PPC Santana, gives us an example of the quantity and quality of communal events with a social or environmental objective.

No one left tired, rather with the feeling of a useful and pleasant time spent. There were many ideas and suggestions, what kind of greenery could be planted or what can be improved in the areas around the factory. We therefore believe that next time we will meet in even higher numbers, and that it will not be in 12 months when we will commemorate Earth Day again.

Because caring for nature and the environment should not be a rare occasional activity, but a regular and self-evident routine in the best sense of the word.

A sincere thank you to all participants for the energy and time sacrificed. We greatly appreciate their initiative and willingness to help.