March 16, 2018 - Vienna, Austria

PPC Insulators Invests to Enlarge Hollow Production Capabilities

Advancing the Competitive Edge on Hollow Insulators’ Market


PPC Insulators today announced a successful completion of investment to PPC production platform in Sonneberg, Germany. The finishing works to the new XXL extruder line were performed on the new and extended compression head of the extruder, completing the installation and complementary construction work, which started in 2017.

The investment of over 2 Mio € will increase the site’s capability for hollow porcelain insulators with one of the world’s largest and most modern extruder. The new XXL extruder with the completely adjusted line including adapted drying, turning, testing and glueing devices, will extend the capability to produce extra-long single piece hollow insulators as well as extra wide multi-piece hollow insulators. With this new extension, the facility will be able to deliver multipart insulators up to 1100 mm in diameter and exceeding 11 m in length and single piece hollow insulators with 2750 mm length, enabling PPC to capture and increase the margin over niche markets and further extend a wide range of high-end porcelain insulators produced in Sonneberg.

“The investment stretching across the full value chain of production platform to deliver longer and wider insulators, will allow us to advance our lead, we hold on a niche”, said Mike Zintl, Managing Director of PPC EKS. “We will provide more sophisticated and stronger insulators for an important part of the insulator market with high-added-value by leveraging our production expertise.”

Established in 1887, PPC EKS is one of the six PPC plants and one with the most extensive expertise in producing advanced industrial porcelain solutions. Servicing the market with diversified product portfolio, hollow porcelain insulators up to 1,100 kV to represent one of the main strategical focus for HVDC power transmission systems over 1,100 kV.

Equipped with improved and extended turning machines and glueing tower, new extruder and testing equipment, PPC EKS in Sonneberg will start the production in Q2 2018, delivering top-end porcelain insulators. The production of hollows in competitive dimensions, used as a supporting structure of equipment for switchgears, instrument and power transformers, surge arresters, cable sealing ends and wall bushings, will supply the new demand in fields for 1100 kV and the growing Chinese market.

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Marketing Communications Manager