November 22, 2019 - Vienna, Austria

The former employees of PPC ČAB met in the great number of 87!

Recall of the time when people were sharing identical places, interests and were working hard on the achievement of the same targets is always very pleasant. Last year the pilot reunion meeting of ex-employees of the PPC ČAB plant happened with excellent feedback and so the repetition in 2019 was planned directly after the meeting. On the 14th of November 2019, 87 of former colleagues met again in the area of their old good „Porcelain Factory“ in Čab village close to Nitra.

The participants were welcomed by the former director Mr. Ing. Pupák. After that, the oldest participant Mrs. Škoricova (92years) impressed all attendees by her highly professional and honest speech. She reminded the period when the participants of the meeting were spending their working days under the chimney of the “Porcelain Factory” and striving for its prosperity. This picture made all to feel proud and touched, as well. If only all employees feel so strong togetherness and motivation how these ex-colleagues in the past. Some of them spent their whole working life here, some of them several years, but what they have in common are their past and the fact, that the destiny of this factory is important for all of them.

The present director of the plant Mr. Janáč welcomed the former employees and invited them to the plant tour so that they could see all the changes and signs of progress, which happened in their past working place. The visitors were split into three groups and with an interest went through the manufacturing halls. A lot of improvements have been implemented since the last reunion and so also the participants of the meeting in 2018 were pleasantly surprised. For those, who saw the manufacturing place after the long years appreciated the level of automatization, modernization of the halls and manufacturing procedures.

After the plant tour, the ex-colleagues went on in their recalls and friendly discussions in an almost family atmosphere. At the very end of the meeting, Mr. Pupák thanked all participants and informed them, that the next meeting would be held as the celebration of the 65th anniversary of the production start in the PPC ČAB. The date will be confirmed in due time and all who are interested are more than welcomed.

Big thanks to all organizers and participants of the event for the expressed favor and loyalty towards the PPC ČAB company.