December 20, 2022


The project of Bajen’s Memorial Nursery school attracted our attention by its authenticity and pure willingness to help the local children to live a better and richer life.

Every year the company PPC Insulators searches for an interesting charity project to which the Christmas budget can be donated, thus supporting the activities which will contribute to a better, healthier, and fairer world. After supporting people who suffer from visual impairment, Slovak families living in social lack and insecurity, and after investing in forest planting funds, which were the donation activities in the previous years, we decided to help a nursery school, which is taking care of pre-school children in a West African country of Gambia.

The head mistress of this school Jorjor Ceesay Jallow is introducing us to the reasons which triggered her determination to help children and the present status of the project:

“Bajen’s Memorial Nursery School was established in 2019 out of a desire to help pupils of age 3-6 to go to school before their age to attain primary level. During my stay in the community, I found out that 80% of the children are not attending Nursery school. This led to most of them roaming around the village. Presently I am using my home as a Nursery school for these pupils, which is very challenging and hard as well as insufficient in terms of structures and space for playing grounds to meet a real standard of a school.”

The local society urgently needs this kind of nursery school to get children prepared for elementary education. The government takes responsibility only for schools from the primary level. There are no funds or state sources, which can help to build up the nursery schools, pay for teachers, to supply the learning materials or the food for children attending the nursery school. Pre-school institutions are totally depending on support from the parents, which is extremely challenging because of the fact that most parents are poor. Children running without any treatment or guidance on the streets are the typical picture of cities and villages in this part of Africa.

Initially, the PPC Insulators donation will be used for at least partial coverage of better equipment for the school premises and learning materials, which will make the time spent in the nursery more efficient and happier, and for healthy children feeding. The long-term functioning of the school depends on the ability to pay the teachers as they currently work only as volunteers for free.

We will observe the development and come up with news about the concrete look of the human footprint left by PPC Insulators in the Gambia.

“Education is the key to development and success that every community needs.”, finishes the letter of Jorjor Ceesay Jallow and we fully agree with it.

These are some pictures documenting the meaningfulness of our help.