June 11, 2024

The cooperation with the Gambian nursery school started in December 2022 and will continue through the year 2024, which makes us all very happy.

In a heartwarming gesture of corporate social responsibility, PPC Insulators has contributed to the education and well-being of young children in The Gambia. The company recently donated a financial gift to a local nursery school, facilitating the construction of a much-needed terrace with a roof in the school’s yard.

This donation has enabled the school to create a safe and comfortable outdoor space where children can play and rest, shielded from the harsh rays of the sun. The new terrace, not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the school but also serves a critical function in protecting the children from the extreme heat common in the region.

Previously, the lack of adequate shade in the school’s yard meant that outdoor activities were limited, often confining the children to indoor spaces during the hottest parts of the day. With the addition of the roofed terrace, children can now enjoy more time outdoors, without the risk of sunburn or heat-related illnesses.

The school’s administration expressed profound gratitude to PPC Insulators for their support. The head teacher Jorjor Ceesay noted: “We want to thank the staff and employees of your company for the trust and confidence they have in us for continuously assisting our nursery school. The first planned project for this year is the building of a terrace for the nursery to have a good space conducive to learning this was necessary due to climate change and global warming the temperatures used to be above 40 degrees. Therefore there was a need to build a shade so that the pupils would have fresh air during high temperatures. Furthermore, we apologize for the delay of the report due to circumstances beyond our control. On behalf of the school board, parents, students, and the community wishes to extend our sincere thanks to the staff and employees for the kind donation. “

By investing in the infrastructure of the nursery school, PPC Insulators is helping to create a nurturing environment conducive to the growth and development of young students.

The terrace will remind the connection of the PPC Insulators Group and the distant Gambian nursery school for many years to come. We are so happy to feel the freshness on the faces of gorgeous kids visiting our cooperating nursery school.