October 22, 2018 - Vienna, Austria

PPC Insulator’s Hybrid Insulator Center Now Operating from Slovakia

PPC Čab Establishes and Sets Out the State-Of-Art Hybrid Production Line


PPC Insulators today announced a production start of the newly established state-of-art hybrid production line in its Slovak plant PPC Čab. As a result of a broader PPC Insulators’ development plan, installation of the equipment, testing and acquiring all needed permissions took place throughout the year and was successfully completed meeting the schedule to launch the hybrid production line with the production of 42 hybrid insulators for the first running order.

The first hybrid station post insulators, produced by PPC Insulators during 2012, were developed to deliver superior strength and enduring pollution performance. As Amith Gururaj Karanth, Application Engineer and Hybrid Specialist at PPC Insulators explained, “hybrid insulators happen to be one of the most demanding insulation solutions in the market. They are niche products with explicit performance advantages and production distinctions that target specific service requirements. They take the advantages testified in decades’ long porcelain production and application experiences for pollution performance advantages demonstrated by silicone housing. Combining both technologies, at their best, hybrid insulators are highly reliable insulation solutions with superior mechanical strength, long-term pollution flashover resistant and protection of core from flashover.” The fusion of the exemplary mechanical strength and heavy pollution performance makes hybrid insulators true market champions, capable of delivering a clear solution to actual field requirements with high-quality performance results.

“We are very happy to adopt and start the production of advanced product that gives to our customers exactly what they need. As station post insulator experts, we have the required expertise and all needed knowledge and technology to achieve top results for production of porcelain inserts as well as for silicone rubber shedding,” said Alexander Janáč, Managing Director at PPC Čab.

The quality of PPC hybrid insulators derives from top-notch quality porcelain, which is based on below 1% quartz residue assurance – slowly but surely rewriting porcelain production standards and porcelain quality standards. Following CIGRE recommendations for DC applications shed profiles HTV (high temperature vulcanized) silicone rubber shed housing is applied by high applied high-pressure injection molding onto the high-strength solid core porcelain, adhered directly on to the fitting without any need for artificial sealing. The perfect „triple point“ adhesion (fitting-rubber-core) ensures complete reliability, production quality and failure-free operation.

Consisted of several machines with shed molding machine on porcelain insert as the main production equipment, hybrid production line in PPC Čab is capable of producing hybrid insulators up to 1,200 kV AC and 1,100 kV DC with a maximum length of 2,900 mm per piece and is expected to produce over 3,000 single hybrid insulators. This will establish PPC Insulators as one of the key cost competitive manufacturers with highly specialized technical expertise and one of the largest and most-advanced isostatic plants in the world.

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