October 17, 2019 - Vienna, Austria

PPC insulators and ABB exchange ideas around porcelain insulators and their applications

At the beginning of October, PPC Insulators had the pleasure of welcoming Anna-Karin Österberg, global commodity manager @ABB to our newly renovated plant in Sonneberg Germany.

ABB and PPC have a common history of more than one hundred years of cooperation. At the meeting PPC’s senior managers from Europe, Asia and Americas had a chance to exchange ideas with Anna-Karin with regards to current and future requirements of porcelain insulators.

Clearly the consistent quality of the PPC’s products manifested through millions of insulators installed around the world is even more precious going forward as the world’s transmission networks are stretched to the limit and any outage has potentially catastrophic consequences.  At the end it was concluded that technology specialists like PPC play an important role for the success of global T&D companies like ABB.

We thank Anna-Karin for great discussions and look forward to many years of continued cooperation!