July 13, 2018 - Vienna, Austria

PPC Čab Awarded OHSAS 18001 Certificate on Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series

Extending PPC Insulators’ hallmark of quality with new certificates


PPC Insulators, a leading insulation solution provider is pleased to announce that PPC Cab – Isostatic Centre of Excellence located in Slovakia has also successfully obtained Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series, OHSAS 18001, thus completing set of already achieved the ISO 9001 Quality System Management and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

This achievement comes as a result of the group’s efforts to affirm PPC as a quality-founded brand with the highest performance and production quality. Over the past few years, PPC Insulators has modernized internal management system by optimizing key processes, employing new technologies, introducing more efficient and transparent monitoring and control system with the goal to respond to a growing need for more reliable, more consistent, safer high-quality insulation solutions.

“PPC Insulators is committed to delivering the highest quality products to its customers. Quality is and has always been our main aim; it is what PPC brand was, is and will continue to be known for,” said CEO Erik Göthlin. “With our products, we are offering superior reliability, durability and performance and with our quality system and a full set of globally accepted standards, we push the quality standards.”

“Going beyond what is defined by standards, creating value and high performing solutions for our customer is what counts in PPC. Our comprehensive system of quality control processes which includes health and safety of our employees, protection of the environment and ultimately direct product quality related processes is what distinguishes us on the market and puts us in the lead,” said Markku Ruokanen, R&D/Quality Director.

Alexander Janac, Managing Director at PPC Cab, expressed his happiness with obtained certificates, “We are proud to get these certificates, but we aim higher. Our team works diligently to continuously deliver quality standards we set for ourselves and of course our customers. By renewing the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and achieving OHSAS 18001 certificate, we attest our strict procedures and high-quality standards, and ensures world-class quality products PPC Insulators produces and delivers to customers around the world.”

PPC Insulators is committed to delivering full quality cycle at the highest level, optimizing work environment and safety and health conditions of its employees. Opposed to many recent news and reports on improper quality inspection and even falsification of quality data by different insulator manufacturers, PPC has its own stricter, more rigorous quality standards beyond the normal IEC and ISO requirements, putting in place a system ensuring the highest quality of its products and services, only to confirm PPC’s commitment to customers and their satisfaction.

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Natasa Skuk, M.A.
Marketing Communications Manager