June 15, 2023

In December we informed you about the usage of the Christmas budget 2022 of the PPC Insulators for support of the Bajen’s Memorial Nursery School in West African country Gambia. Our sponsorship has bearded a concrete fruit and we are proud to bring this good news.

On the 24th of May, we received wonderful pictures of the kids attending the school and a letter from the headmistress Jorjor Ceesay. We would like to share with you a part of it:

Report on completion of phase one project painting of school ground and classrooms

I am pleased to inform you that finally, we have completed the first planned project which was painting the whole school. The school is painted to give the school a new look this school has never been painted since it was established in 2019. Thanks to PPC insulators for the benevolent gesture of partnering with Bajen’s Memorial nursery school and the funding of these projects. This project will go a long way in the history of the school both teachers, parents, and students of this school are saying a big thank you to the management and staff of PPC Insulators.
Similarly, part of the money was used to provide free lunches for the kids for a week to keep them healthy and reduce the burden on the parents.
While we count on your usual donation, please accept the assurances of our highest consideration and esteem. And the money donated will be put to good use. On behave of the school board, parents, students, and the community thank you once again for the donation.

Yours faithful
Jorjor Ceesay

A few pictures of kids’ happy faces make us very happy and even more than the logo on the school building. Thanks, that PPC is a part of this human project!