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ESP porcelain insulators

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PPC porcelain electrostatic precipitator insulators

High voltage ESP insulators for use at the most elevated temperatures

PPC Insulators is a world leader and innovator for electrostatic precipitation technology and applications. Products have been designed, engineered and manufactured in our Swedish manufacturing plant since the 1970’s.

E-Filter insulators are made up of a high resistivity LD Ceramic body containing approx. 50% Alumina. It’s a high-grade ceramic material with very good mechanical and electrical properties.

E-Filter insulators have a number of outstanding technical features including:

High DC resistivity at elevated temperatures

Excellent mechanical strength and impact resistance

Very low thermal expansion

Glazed surface enables easy visual inspection and easy cleaning

The benefits of E-Filter products are the density degree of 95% and none open porosity which would allow water absorption. The glazing of our E-Filters insulators serves the dual purpose of providing the products with a combined dirt and dust-repelling surface to facilitate inspection, cleaning and to avoid tracking and discharges along the insulator surface.